In addition to laboratory processing Microlithics offers a variety of services to our clients.  We are happy to help out acquiring any supplies you may need for the project at hand.   From shovels to sample bags,  a scale or perhaps even gps units.  If there is something missing from your checklist prior to the start or during we can help arrange in getting the supplies to where they need to be.

Some Examples of Services Offered
Sample Logistics
Custom field cards
Custom database solutions
Field expertise
Diamond Classification
Experienced Samplers
Many of the Microlithics employees have over 10 years of processing experience, with expertise ranging from caustic dissolution to indicator mineral extraction and DMS commissioning.

Whether  you’re planning to take a few samples or starting a large scale project, Microlithics would like to offer you assistance in making sure your sampling process goes smoothly.   We are happy to discuss your needs, and welcome any inquiries.