Indicator Mineral Processing

Our Indicator Mineral Laboratory is generally used for samples of glacial till or stream sediment. The facility utilizes industry standard processing, coupled with proprietary techniques designed to achieve a very small, clean, and non-toxic concentrate.  Compared to the product of traditional methods, our process can substantially reduce observation time and costs.

We are able to adapt the process to the specific needs of our clients and a different flow sheet can be applied to each sample and subsample to achieve the highest recovery of indicators from the material. Using our custom laboratory software built for KIM processing,  every sample is tracked throughout our facilities in real time and detailed information and photographs of the sample are recorded and then reported to the client.

Our techniques for processing are highly refined to retain sample integrity and have been specifically designed to allow us to provide the highest quality concentrate from the material provided while minimizing processing costs to the client. Our processing rates are highly competitive, particularly when the reduced cost of observation is factored in. Typical uses for Indicator Mineral Processing are

Kimberlite Indicator Mineral processing

KIM Extraction from Rock

Other Uses