Microlithics Laboratories is an independent mineral processing laboratory that provides a variety of services to mineral exploration companies.  We offer a comprehensive range of  processes primarily serving the diamond industry and guarantee our clients the highest quality product and output at a price that is extremely competitive.

Located centrally within Canada in Thunder Bay, Ontario, our facilities provide the flexibility to handle  processes designed to the fit the needs of clients ranging from the sole prospector to companies with aggressive programs.  Each processing program can be custom tailored to the client’s needs.

In 2003, Microlithics Laboratories Inc. was founded as an expansion to its sister company Diamond Indicator Processing Incorporated (DIPI).  Combined the two companies have been operating for over 20 years.  Adding in new processes and acquiring a new, larger facility, Microlithics & DIPI co-existed for several years until Microlithics Laboratories expanded once again and purchased DIPI, amalgamating all of their assets into the company it is today.

As of 2012, Microlithics Laboratories Inc. is a privately owned commercial facility operating in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  With over a hundred years combined experience processing  samples for the diamond exploration industry, many of our key employees have more then 15 years  experience handling samples.  This wealth of knowledge on how to approach different projects ensures we can create or adapt a processing regime to achieve optimum results for our clients.